Business Relationship

The owners of all successful small businesses regardless of what they sell or what they do have one common thing i.e. they know how to build as well as maintain business relationships. How critical is to build as well as maintain business relationships not just with your vendors, but also with your competitors, customers as well as employees, the truth is that the entrepreneurs too often get caught up in the details of the types of the services as well as the products that they are selling to notice.

One needs to have good vendor relationships as well as very long term customers which will carry him through the tight deadlines or the challenging times as well as relationships with some other business owners to share best practices, struggles as well as resources which can really give him an edge. The business relationships are just similar to any other type of relationship and they must be mutually beneficial and they also require the same amount of effort to maintain.

Some golden points to remember on how to build a better business relationship:

  • Encourage open and honest feedback
  • Listening more than you talk
  • Be honest and make a routine
  • Be real as well as proactive
  • Always give more than you take
  • Turn blunders into opportunities

The happier as well as more productive one is going to be, if the relationships are better at work. One is more creative as well as innovative when people are more likely to go along with those changes that we want to implement. One can focus on opportunities instead of spending energy as well as time overcoming those problems which are associated with the negative relationships. Good working relationships provides us several other benefits such as freedom, our work is more enjoyable, hope to develop our careers, etc. There are certain relationships that deserve an extra attention but one should try to build as well as maintain good working relationships with each and everyone.

Key stakeholders, suppliers as well as customers are all very essential to our success and it is very much important to build as well as maintain good relationships with these people and we also need good working relationships with some others in our professional circle. There are many characteristics which make up a healthy as well as a good working relationship such as mutual respect, welcoming diversity, trust, mindfulness and open communication.

Areyo Dadar